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16 Types of Heavy Equipment Used in Construction

Types of Heavy Construction Equipment. Different types of heavy equipment commonly used in the construction are as follows: Excavators; Backhoe; Dragline Excavator; Bulldozers; Graders; Wheel Tractor Scraper; Trenchers; Loaders; Tower Cranes; Pavers; Compactors; Telehandlers; Feller Bunchers; Dump Trucks; Pile Boring Machine; Pile Driving Machine; 1. Excavators

Type of Equipment use in construction Basic Civil

4/22/2015· Various types of Equipment are been used for Building & structural Construction, Road construction, underwater and other marine construction work Power projects etc.There are various operations that are involved in construction projects, whether it’s a large scale or a small scale; Excavation and digging of large quantities of earth, Placement of construction materials (eg:-Bricks,

Types of Equipment and Access Platforms Used in the

Folding work systems are also known as hop-up systems and they are incredibly useful for many different working from height scenarios. Folding work platforms are very popular with painters and decorators as they offer a portable and lightweight way to reach those ceilings and upper wall areas.

Types of Access Equipment Used in the Construction by

4/9/2018· Boom lifts have two distinct types: articulated booms and telescopic booms. Articulated booms are series of jointed metal arms that allow you to

Chapter 2 Factors Affecting the Selection of Construction

Construction Methods .. Ch.-2- Factors Affecting the Selection of Construction Equipment Layla Ali Ghaleb 5 2.4. Replacement Parts: Prior to purchasing equipment, the buyer should determine where spare parts are obtainable; otherwise the project may be delayed. If parts are not

Work at height Types of equipment HSE

Types of equipment Any equipment that is specifically designed to allow the user to work safely at height (eg ladders, scaffolds, tower scaffolds ) is commonly called 'access equipment'. Considering the risks associated with work at height and putting in place sensible and proportionate measures to manage them is an important part of working safely.

Working at height Types of Equipment, The Different

Fixed scaffolding is an example of fall prevention equipment and there are many different types of fixed scaffolding. The type (or design) of scaffolding required will depend on the structure that is being worked on and the height of the work. Scaffolding can be used internally within a building and also externally.

Types of Heavy Construction Equipment and Their Uses

Backhoe loaders are versatile types of heavy construction equipment because they are a combination of three types of machinery: a tractor, loader and backhoe. The primary function of this tool is the backhoe, which can be used to dig hard materials, often compact earth. It can also be used to lift heavy loads and put them in a particular place.

Construction Equipments for Different Purposes

Air compressors and pumps are widely used as the power sources for construction tools and equipment. Common pneumatic construction tools include drills, hammers, grinders, saws, wrenches, staple guns, sandblasting guns, and concrete vibrators.

Construction Equipment Types And Construction

3/29/2021· A loader is a heavy equipment machine used in construction to move aside or load materials such as asphalt, demolition debris, dirt, snow, feed, gravel, logs, raw minerals, recycled material, rock, sand, woodchips, etc. into or onto another type of machinery (such as a dump truck, conveyor belt, feed-hopper, or railroad car).

10 Types of Construction Lifts and Boom Lifts BigRentz

9/20/2018· Construction lifts are powerful tools. Encompassing boom lifts, scissor lifts, forklifts and other types of manlifts and aerial lifts, construction lifts refer to lifting machinery that features an aerial platform supported by some form of an extension and mounted on a vehicle.


METHODS As a Builder, hand and power woodworking tools essential parts of your trade. To be a proficient woodworking craftsman, you must be able to use and maintain a large variety of field and shop tools effectively.To perform your work quickly, accurately, and safely, you must select and use the correct tool for the job at hand. Without the

Construction Plant and Equipment WikiEducator

1/9/2009· TYPES OF CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT THEORY Specific Objectives. By the end of the module unit the trainee should be able to: state types of construction equipment explain the use of construction equipment Content. Types of equipment. piling equipment Uses of construction equipment. pumps percusion hammers stone crusher Competences. Ability to:

Chapter 2 Factors Affecting the Selection of Construction

2.5. The Cost of Owing and Operating Construction Equipment: There are several methods of determining the probable cost of owning and operating construction equipment. No known method will give exact costs under all operating conditions. At best the estimate is

Lifting operations and lifting equipment OSHWiki

Introduction. Lifting operations are inherent to many occupations in the construction industry. They can be performed manually or using lifting equipment. Both manual lifting and mechanical lifting operations can put construction workers at great risk of injury or health symptoms causing sick leave or disability. The costs of accidents and ill health related to lifting operations, are immense.

Methods of Dewatering of Foundations Engineersdaily

To provide suitable working surface at the bottom of the excavation. To stabilize the banks of the excavation thus avoiding the hazards of slides and sloughing. To prevent disturbance of the soil at the bottom of excavation caused by boils or piping. Such disturbances may reduce the bearing power of the soil. Methods of Dewatering

Different Types of Packaging Methods

Keeping abreast of these packaging methods will give your products a better shelf life and a competitive edge in the market. Many companies are using these methods to create awareness among their customers and help them in increasing their sales. Adopting these packaging methods can draw attention to latest trends to attract the consumers.

10 Types of Construction Lifts and Boom Lifts BigRentz

9/20/2018· Construction lifts are powerful tools. Encompassing boom lifts, scissor lifts, forklifts and other types of manlifts and aerial lifts, construction lifts refer to lifting machinery that features an aerial platform supported by some form of an extension and mounted on a vehicle.

Earth-Moving Heavy Equipment for Construction

11/20/2019· Backhoe loaders are considered medium-sized construction equipment for smaller jobs and are capable of working in limited space to perform various operations. They can move dirt, backfill excavations, dig holes and trenches, and place pipes and other materials.

Construction Equipment Types And Construction

3/29/2021· Earthmoving equipment used to carry out the various excavation tasks such as digging and moving the earth. Different types of earth-moving equipment have their unique applications and used mainly for repairing, constructing, elevating, agriculture, and demolition. Following are the earth moving equipment mostly used in construction projects.

6 Types of Construction Technology You Will Use in the

Artificial Intelligence The construction industry is already seeing implementation of artificial intelligence on the job site with the use of robotics for tasks like bricklaying and autonomous equipment that can operate and complete tasks without the need for human interaction.


Staples are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, some of which are shown in figure 3-78. Heavy-duty staples are used to fasten plywood sheeting and subflooring. Heavy-duty staples are driven by electrically or pneumatically operated tools.

Construction Plant and Equipment WikiEducator

1/9/2009· INTRODUCTION TO CONSTRUCTION PLANT AND EQUIPMENT: Types of construction plant Types of construction equipment 4 4 8 18.1.2 EXCAVATING AND COMPACTING PLANT *Excavating plant. Compacting plant 3 5 8 18.1.3 CONCRETING AND BITUMEN LAYING PLANT: Concreting plant Bitumen laying plant 3 5 8 18.1.4 TRANSPORTING AND LIFTING PLANT:

Lifting operations and lifting equipment OSHWiki

A load includes any material or people that are lifted or lowered by lifting equipment. Lifting equipment in construction. Lifting equipment includes any equipment or machinery used at work for lifting or lowering loads or people, including accessories and attachments used for anchoring, fixing or supporting the equipment . There is a wide range of lifting equipment in the construction industry.

Construction Technology Understand Building

Types of Construction Technologies Construction industry includes a wide range of constructions suitable for all classes of society. Commercial construction, domestic construction, industrial construction, heavy or civil constructions are a few examples that are now displaying master pieces of

Methods of Dewatering of Foundations Engineersdaily

Such disturbances may reduce the bearing power of the soil. Methods of Dewatering. Following methods are used for Dewatering, Sump pumping. Well point systems with suction pumps. Shallow wells with pumps. Deep wells with pumps. Eductor system. Drainage galleries.

9 Different Training Methods and Techniques for

The different kind of methods under this training are as follows: 1. Lectures or Class Room Method: In this method, the different aspects of the ongoing program are explained by a single individual to the others. This is convenient enough as the facts and details as well as a special type of information is provided to the people by means of a lecture.

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